Alyeska Motor Madness:
All registrations for AMMC will be on Raceday

Adults must also go to ISR and purchase a single event or annual membership.


10am Alaska Spine Institute XC-
Studs are allowed.Length of course is unknown until we get closer to race day. NO PIT CREW NO FUELING NEEDED.
Vintage $25
Sno-Bike $50
Women $50
Semi-Pro $50
Pro $100

11am Red Bull Hill Climb
Single elimination with 1 practice run allowed. Timed runs.
$50 per class
600 stck-cans allowed
800 stck- cans allowed
Open Class

3pm Red Bull Hill-X-
Double elimination
$50 per class
600 stock-cans allowed
800 stock- cans allowed
Open Class

5pm A2D Sledworks Relay Race
$100 per Team-4 people per team. Details will be posted later.

6pm 120cc Mini Freestyle in front of Sitzmark
$10 entry fee

Saturday Night we will do awards in the Sitzmark

We will be charging a special event fee $25 for AMMC members $35 for non-memebers and you must have ISR membership (single event or annual)

11am Juniors
12:30 120cc Race
4pm Awards will in the sitzmark