2/24/13 120cc Class, Heat, & Points Info you can use! Please Read!!

Noah House takes 2nd place overall for the 2013 Improved Stock Class

Noah House takes 2nd place overall for the 2013 Improved Stock Class

Hey 120cc racers and fans here is an update from your AMMC 120 Racer Directors!!

AMMC 120 Racing Info:

AMMC breaks their racing into 3 classes: Stock, Improved Stock and MOD. If we have too many children to safely run in one of the classes we will run them in Group A and Group B for the Heat races. The top finishers combined from Group A and Group B will advance into the MAIN EVENT. We do not race by AGE, only classes. Points Break Down: PLACE HEAT FINAL 1st 10 25 2nd 9 22 3rd 8 20 4th 7 18 5th 6 16 6th 5 15 7th 4 14 8th 3 13 9th 2 12 10th 1 11 11th 1* 10 12th 1* 9 13th 1* 8 14th 1* 7 15th 1* 6 DQ 0 0 We keep track of points for the entire season and have an awards ceremony acknowledging all the kids for the season. Classes: Stock- Gearing change with STOCK chain, REV limiter/Governor removed, adjustable main jet. These are the only changes allowed for stock. Improved Stock- Clutch, Chain (#35), Muffler, Velocity stack, Drivers etc… MOD- Any internal engine modifications. (Champ and Champ X) All classes must start from an OEM 120 Engine. If you are running another motor please let us know as soon as possible so we can look into making a new class if needed… IE: Briggs 206 motor. Thank you to everyone who comes out to these events. Mark your calenders for Arctic Man and Alyeska MotorMadness- We will race the 120’s at both of these events. They are a lot of fun…. If you have any questions you can contact Kyle Amanda Nicoll on facebook or contact us through AMMC Racing. Thank you, Kyle and Amanda… AMMC 120 Directors.
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