AMMC Racing is getting ready for the upcoming race season. We will have a meeting for all members to attend if they want to discuss upcoming events and changes. Things that will be on the agenda are Youth racing rules ( we are making changes) and class changes. We are changing classes this year to ONLY 120’s Stock, Improved, Pro. PRO 206. ADDING class 200! We will still have JR semi-pro and JR Pro class. JR racers are required to wear neck braces this season. Adult racing we will have special events only. We will be looking into SXS series on big lake this year. Please join us at Bella Vista October 11th at 7pm. Hope to see you there. Upon arrival, please park next door at Bobby’s Café.

2017 Board Member Election


            Ken Lee ______


            Jessica McDonnell _____


            Sadie Leader _____

Executive Secretary

            Amanda Nicoll _____

120 Assistant

            Lisa Trounce _____


Agenda for Meeting: