Elections Nov. 14 @ Bella Vista 7pm. Vote in person or via email.

Please come and participate!!!!

You must be a current AMMC member.

This is what you can expect.. If you are there in person there will be paper ballots available for you to fill out.  All nominees will be listed and a blank space for a write in.

You choose 5 nominess who you feel would best represent AMMC and get the job done.

As amended during the Oct. Meeting email voting will be allowed. If you cannot be there please email your selection to ammcelection@hotmail.com and ammcvote@gmail.com. You need to send to both emails to be valid! This email will not be opened until Nov. 13 when the email ballots will be counted.  These will be brought to the meeting and compared against both addresses. They will then be added to the nights votes.  Upon acceptance, the persons with the most votes will be the new executive board.  They will vote again amongst themselves for what seat each will hold.

If you have questions please direct to ammcracing@ymail.com as the above will not be opened until Nov. 13.

Nominees are as follows:



Select 5 from the list below or choose 4 and write in your own canidate.

When submitting electronically please Highlight Or Underline your choice.

●To write in a candidate, print the name of the person in the blank

space provided and then completely fill in the circle next to the name written in.

○ Christina Gilgus ○ Josh Litchfield ○ Matt Frenzel ○ Nick Petito

○ Andrew Roche ○ Cobie French ○ Ken Lee ○ Michelle Whittock ○ Mike Lasky

○ Vince French ○ Wynetta Johnson ○Write-In______________________________________

○ Savanha House ○ Wayne DeVore