As the 2017 season approaches we have been busy getting back in gear to ensure a quality race season for all our participants.
This season one of the most significant & important changes is the Board of Directors decision to become a full ISR Affiliate for all of our adult racing events.


What does this mean for our racers?
In order to be eligible to participate in any of our 2017 races you will need to be a registered ISR Member. For a full season, the membership is $150.00 & can only be done ONLINE. This membership needs to be completed at least ONE WEEK before the event you are intending to race in. If you will be racing all of our events, this is the membership you will need.

If you want to race a single event, the One Time Event Fee is $30.00 & must be done online. This will allow you to race in one event & if you choose to race any additional events, you will need to purchase an Annual Membership.

At the day of the event you will need to have proof of either membership. If you are an Annual ISR Member you will have an ID card & as a single event ISR participant you will have an email conformation.

How do you purchase your ISR Membership?
This can only be done via the ISR site: 

Once you’re on the ISR site click on the 2017 Competition License & complete the forms with the appropriate information.

Do you still need a Lions Club Membership to race?

No, you will not have to have a lions club membership. You will need to have a current ISR Membership & a current AMMC Racing Membership in order to race.

What is ISR?

International Snowmobile Racing, Inc., (ISR) is a service organization established to provide for the needs of individual clubs and organizations that conduct snowmobile races in an organized and safe manner.


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