We had a great day yesterday at Deskha. Thank you to everyone who came out! If you dont have a TORK sticker yet make sure to go to facebook and follow their page and get a sticker. They have for paid for multiple entry fees for AMMC RACES!! Thank you Torkelson Family. Edith Heal came out yesterday to the Awards and handed out additional payout to the 1st place racer. We are very grateful for the support she gives us every year.

Save the dates! Arctic Man April 12th and 13th: AMMC will put on Hill-X, Realy Race and Drags. Registration will be online. All details will be listed on our facebook event. Alyeska Motormadness April 26th and 27th will be adult events, April 28th will be youth events. Make sure to follow AMMC RACING facebook to stay up to date on all the details.