In Celebrating our 45th Anniversary we thought it would be a great time to revise our logo.

Our AMMC logo has changed a few times in the past and we would like to honor the racers by asking you, the racers to design our new logo.  We thought of doing a throwback to one of the old logos in keeping with the 45th theme but would really like to see what you have got.  So get those creative juices flowing and design us a logo!! You never know, it might be so hard to pick that we will have to do Limited Edition – Racer Designed Apparel to sell on the website. How cool would that be. “Hey, I designed that hoodie”

So show us what you got racers. Bring your design to the Dec. 12 meeting.  Don’t worry, if your not an artist that’s ok. Give us your idea on paper and we will see what we can do.  I’m thinking something special for each entry. Here is some of the designs from back in the day.