We know your anxious to race and we are too!  We are racing this weekend! Due to conditions studs are required. Follow the ISR rules for studs.  96 up the middle, not more than 3/8 inch high from the highest point on the track!

This Race will be 150 miles from in front of Big Lake Islander to Skwentna and back. For those who wish to practice, The course is marked with Orange and Pink tape on 4ft lathe and marked in the trees in some areas. Course across Big Lake is not marked very well due to snow conditions. Follow large Orange Stakes across Big Lake. There will be a hold in Skwentna until all racers arrive, then racers will be restarted back to Big Lake. Junior Class will be held at Luces, AMMC will have a tent set up. Junior Class will restart to Big Lake 15 minutes after last Junior Racers Arrives at Luces.
We will be offering a 120 Cross Country Race!!! Please bring out your little racers!! We will be running a course around Sheppards Island. All racers will receive a Trophy!! We will have a 120 Stock, 120 Mod and a Sno-Scoot Class. Please email for more information.
Please take the North Shore Campground to get on Big Lake and follow the signs to the Islander. Our Ice Roads have been torn up during the last warm up. This is the easiest way to access the Islander.
We will be doing sign ups from 9-10am on Race Day at the Big Lake Islander. You may Sign up early by phone, (Call Savanha, 907-355-6395) or by email.  All Race Fees are due before the race starts, if you email your entry form, please make sure you pay your fees before the race starts. Additional Fuel Fees may apply if you do not wish to haul your own fuel before the race. Fuel charges are $7.25 per gallon, (oil included). If you do not wish to purchase fuel you may haul your own but it is your responsibility to haul your own fuel, we will not haul it for you.
Tech Inspection will be at 10:30am Sharp.
Drivers Meeting will be at 10:45am
(Tech Inspection and Drivers Meeting are Mandatory)
Race Starts at 11am
Awards after race at Big Lake Islander
There is a $1000 payout for First Place in Mens Pro Class and $300 Payout for Women’s Pro Class!!!
You must be a member of AMMC and a Current Lions Member to race.
Lions Membership is $100 Single Membership or $150 Family Membership
AMMC Membership is $50 Single Membership or $90 Family Membership.
Membership with Lions and AMMC goes from January 1st 2013 until December 31st 2013.
Racers are required to wear Snell Approved Helmet, Goggles, Tech Vest, and Shin Guards.
Race Sleds must have a Working Tether, Working Headlight, Working Brake Light, and Snow Flap must Secured.
Race Sleds must be 600 Stock!! No Cans, Pipes, Different Heads, etc. Studs are allowed.
Please email a copy of your entry form to ammcracing@ymail.com and bring the original copy with you on race day, or call Savanha with your info.
The Big Lake Islander will be serving Breakfast starting at 9am!!
Big Lake Islander is now serving Burgers!!
For any additional questions, Please Call Cross Country Director, Ken Lee at 907-227-9072 or AMMC Secretary Savanha House, at 907-355-6395.